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I enjoyed reading your history very much, but as someone who does have concerns around AI, I was confused by the phrasing in the last line: "And so we are falling into the trap of doing something". I read the article before this last line as akin to a bird's eye view of the history leading up to our current moment in tech, but this line seemed to suggest it would be a mistake to try to "do" something about the potential risks of AI. I'm definitely not an AI doomer, but I don't clearly see the argument against learning from our past mistakes with social media and applying them to AI? I think someone like Sam Altman may even have taken heed against the unchecked "move fast and break things" philosophy. Enjoyed the piece.

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Very valuable history. Thanks , Rohit. As Peter Gabriel sang, “Lord, here comes the flood. We’ll say goodbye to flesh and blood.” One aspect of social media’s effect on the economics of music can be seen either as a straitjacket or an opportunity. Artists are seen not to exist if they don’t have a strong social media presence. This does compel us to find creative ways to be noticed, and also, increasingly after the disastrous effect of the pandemic, has made live performances more vital and important. I’m not talking about the Swift Beyoncé Sheeran mega-machines in particular but of venues all the way down to 50 capacity. It seems that people want to see and hear something real!

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