What a great review! I love how you point out what the book does well while you also point out its shortcomings.

I'm always suspicious of simplistic explanations of large trends. I'm reminded of a conversation where Frank Oz asked George Lucas why the original Star Wars was such a big hit, and George said something like, "I don't know, man. Why is any big movie successful? You can never predict that kind of thing."

I completely agree with you that capitalism has been the major driving force in improving quality of life. But it's not the one simple answer to everything; it can lead to its own problems when left unchecked (like anything).

I'd love to see you explore how to unleash capitalism in a way that maximizes its positives while minimizing its negatives.

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As the great man once said, all models are wrong but some are useful...

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We can take bigger steps towards utopia right now with human swarm intelligence or swarm AI.

The only real solution is new systems. We must restore trust in all of the corrupted systems: systems of government, regulation, medicine, food, science, academia, and more have all been corrupted and no one trusts them anymore.

We need high-trust systems like network states or digital swarms, and there are many ways we can build these high trust digital groups. Would you want to live in a high trust society like this? For example:


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