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"high risk, high reward", i mutter, as i begin my 6th round of russian roulette

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Mathematically, it seems real, long-term success is exponential, whereas hubris tends to be hyperbolic (people tend to think it’s THE next big thing, similar to a singularity).

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> … stupid clever people do much more damage than stupid untutored morons” as the master said.

'Against stupidity, the gods themselves content in vain'

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"We’re inside an age where narratives move the world. And when narratives move, so do fortunes. And our pavlovian brain connects the movement of fortunes with the implications of genius.

Not just genius in the sense of being able to accomplish something great, but genius in the sense of being just so much smarter than everyone else that you’re playing an entirely different level of game. The multifaceted face of genius has been replaced by chessmasters and puzzle solvers, to our collective detriment."

Love this portion. Superbly written.

"We like to say high risk high reward, but that’s not like a law of nature. Sometimes it’s high risk no reward."

Yeah, this is very important. I feel reality has become so narrative-driven that factions of people supporting and deriding a particular idea seem to think that they can just will ideas into reality. That just because they wish something to be true, it will turn true. The consequences are out there for everyone to see...

Have been following all three crises, but the article does a superb job of tying them together. To be fair though, Twitter's trajectory still seems uncertain, so I'm curious to see what happens, if Elon just can pull off whatever he's trying to do - though I agree that the way it's being handled is ridiculous.

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Was the Republican Party doubling down on Trump/stolen election something similar?

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