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Thanks Rohit, beautiful and deep insights that span across many disciplines.

Talking of hierarchy and information overload, I would love to see more take-home points and summaries in your production. I tend to read substack when I want to rest my brain, I think many are like me, so the easier the read, and the easier the packaging of information, the more I can learn without effort.

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Thanks Joannes for the kind words!

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Dec 13, 2021Liked by Rohit Krishnan

This is an underrated article! I loved the mathematical formulation/simulation, it drove the point well. While the hierarchy here seems fixed over time, it can be an emergent & fluid outcome (viz in an organisation we see this in promotions & churn) and the process for this can significantly change parameters @ each level of the hierarchy.

an interesting aside - the flat organisation is much like a basic blockchain : long paths for info transmission & low prob of failure

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