Great edition. In an economics/markets/finance piece, YOU had me at "Young Thug".......β˜πŸ€˜πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ€

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Oct 5, 2022Β·edited Oct 5, 2022

Having completed what I now realize perhaps was an unnecessary MBA , I was at loss as to which Gods I need to appease to hit that proverbial "success"...

Now I know it's the god of decimal points

Pray tell what sacrifice does this pagan god accept

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Great post! Thanks for the eye-opener.

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Thoughts on pseudonymous fame?

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I think the "follower count" style numbers might be deeply flawed.

In a very quick experiment I was able to spend 10$ (minimum fee on the platform) to get my instagram account to ~12k follower and a friend's to ~35k. This had a 80% dropoff over about a year, still, I expect 100-300$/year to be more than sufficient to maintain oneself at ~1 million instagram follower, I expect the numbers are in a similar ballpark for twitter, tiktok, youtube and the like.

I assume more nish influencer platforms ala linkedin, medium and such are more expensive. Still, it is not a good marker.

Another annecdote: 1k Medium followers yields less reads than just the % I'd adscribe to reads from + reads from sharing by ~15 substack subscribers.

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